Monday, July 1, 2013

Mac Finder, Meet DCommander, A Mac Users New Best File Management Friend

Apple plans to bring some long overdue love to OS X’s venerable Finder. The Finder has been around so long that most of us have a strange love hate relationship with it. Some of us have ventured into power user territory with Path Finder. Think of what the Finder would be if it were really Clark Kent. Path Finder would be Superman.

If you don’t need that much super power, but the Finder still seems like a comic book character, and not the hero kind, you’ll like DCommander. It’s not a Finder replacement, but as a two-pane file manager with tabs, it goes a long, long way to becoming your best file management tool.

DCommander looks like the Finder, including the customizable Toolbar at the top.


What’s different about DCommander is also the most obvious. Two open window panes and tabs. Those two features alone are worth the price of admission, but other features make it a bargain.

For example, drag and drop works like the Finder, but DCommander lets you view hidden files and folders, gives you one click access to certain Mac utilities, and you can create color schemes and vary font, size, and color.

It’s not as bulked up on digital steroids as Path Finder, but does provide you with more usable options than the Mac’s built-in Finder.