Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What You Didn’t Know Your Mac Could Do For Just 99-cents: Better File And Folder Desktop Labels

Mac users seem to be separated into two camps. Those who use the Desktop, and those who do not. I’m one who does not. Instead, I use the Finder in column mode. It’s easier to navigate, easier to copy and move files, and offers more controls with fewer clicks.

Still, I’m often surprised at how many Mac users run to the Desktop for files and folders. Just like a desktop made of atoms, the Mac’s digital desktop is a place to collect clutter until housecleaning time.

If you’re in the group of Mac users who love the Desktop, you’ll note that Apple’s file and folder labels are pretty anemic, and on a large screen Mac not even easy to read. Here’s a better way.

DeskLabels is a 99-cent Mac app that helps you organize the Desktop’s file and folders with another layer of labels. Here’s what it looks like in action.


Using DeskLabels is drop dead simple. Click on the Menubar icon. The drop down menu gives you options to Create a Label, or Remove Labels.


Repositioning a group of labels is simple, too. Just drag them around the Desktop. Labels are easily viewed on nearly any Desktop wallpaper image, light or dark (and you can switch between light and dark).

The label itself actually resizes depending on the size of the label. I’d like to see a few additional options, though. One would be an option to change the size of the label. Another would be to change label colors. And yet another would be an option to bind files and folders to a specific label.

Otherwise, nicely done and useful if you belong to the Mac camp that prefers the Desktop instead of the Finder.