Thursday, February 14, 2013

In A Man’s World, Here’s The 99-cent Fashion Application That Every Man Needs On A Mac

How old were you when you learned to tie your shoes? For children, learning to tie shoestrings properly is something of a right of passage, a step toward adulthood. Another step is similar and comes along a few years later. Ties. Specifically, learning to tie a tie the correct way.

Sadly, most of the macho gender learned to tie only one or two knots and we’ve stuck with what we learned back in the day. Here’s a better idea. Use the TieSight app to learn to tie a tie (11 different knot types) on your Mac.

This is an incredibly clever app that’s easily worth the 99-cent price tag. Select the tie knot you want to use.


Step by step TieSight walks you through the knot’s various moves and flips. Along the way, TieSight watches you. And listens to you tie the knot.

TieSight Knot

That’s right. TieSight watches you try to tie the knot using the Mac’s built-in iSight camera. Keep your hands free while you tie and TieSight also uses sound recognition to listen to your progress.

That’s a little spooky but it works.


In addition to the step-by-step, there’s an option to use a timer control to countdown each knot-tying step. Or, just use the mouse or trackpad to click through the steps.

11 different knot types are included in TieSight with an in-app purchase option for Bow Tie, Grantchester Knot, and Hanover Knot. To be honest, of the 11 included in TieSight, I’d only heard of three, so I’m ahead of pretty much anyone else in my neighborhood.

If you care about tying a tie knot the right way, and want to learn other knots, this is the best 99-cents you can spend.