Thursday, February 21, 2013

How Many Ways Can You Grab A Mac Screenshot? Here’s Another. It’s Fast, Easy, And Cheap

Screenshot apps are about a dime a dozen. Most are free, and Apple even includes Grab on each Mac, a simple screenshot tool. Or, go free, and just remember all those keystroke combinations. Or, add Grabbit to the Mac’s Menubar and capture screenshots, sections of the screen, or an app window with a couple of clicks.

Grabbit also uses keyboard shortcuts, but is easily opened from the Menubar. Use it to grab areas on the screen, full screen shots, or app windows. Each captured image can be copied to the Mac’s Clipboard to be pasted into other applications, or saved as a file.

Grabbit Settings

Settings for Grabbit won’t tax your brain, either. Use Grabbit’s Time Lapse feature to snap a screenshot after a period of time.

You control where on your Mac you want screenshots saved, and in what file format, including a file name suffix. This is a nicely done utility that bridges the free options from Apple’s OS X and more esoteric apps such as Skitch which provides annotation.