Friday, February 1, 2013

Here’s The Alarm And Timer App That Every Mac User Needs In The Menubar

You know what they say. ‘Time is money.’ Indeed. That axiom of life might explain why we have so many ways to track time in our lives. From Macs to iPhones to iPads and other devices, we are reminded of todo items or events by a growing cacophony of alerts and alarms.

The best alarm and timer is one you use, regardless of the number of features. My Mac is graced with ChronoSlider, which performs both alarms for events and acts as a timer– all from one click to the Menubar.

How elegant is this? Click the Menubar and down pops the alarms.


How’s that for a learning curve? ChronoSlider calls the alarms Chronolings. They’re smart enough to countdown to a specific time and then go into action.

Use the Alarm Messages window to manage your messages. Then, create Chronolings to execute certain timed commands.

ChronoSlider Controls

ChronoSlider users a global hotkey command so you won’t even need to click the Menubar. And alarm or timer can be set with just two clicks, though.

Alarms and timers can be set to repeat, and both timed and recurring alarms can be attached to an AppleScript command for more functionality. Otherwise, ChronoSlider stays completely out of the way until needed.

Therein lies the only problem I have. Too many Chronolings can clutter up the screen in a hurry, so use judiciously.