Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Remember Control-Alt-Delete On Windows? It’s Alive And Well And Now On The Mac

Depending upon your perspective, the differences between Mac OS X and Windows.whatever are nominal. Both have apps with windows. Both require point and click to navigate. And both have a somewhat unique way of handling problems.

It’s been a few years since any of my Macs have popped up the kernel panic screen, but walk into any cubicle farm infested with Windows PCs and you won’t be hard pressed to see the infamous blue screen of death.

Windows PC sufferers often know exactly what to do when Windows goes all wonky. Control-Alt-Delete.

Mac users now have the same opportunity and option to invoke control-alt-delete when the Mac stops behaving nicely. Yes, the free app is called Ctrl Alt Delete.

Ctrl Alt Delete

Ctrl Alt Delete resides in the Mac’s Menubar, and not in the Dock. Click on the Menubar to setup, force quit a specific app, restart, or shutdown. Preferences are nominal, but give you options to activate with a keyboard combo, restart after x-number of seconds, and sleep or log off after so many seconds.

Although Ctrl Alt Delete sounds as if it’s only useful for restarting the Mac after a problem, or killing a wayward app, the delayed restart and shutdown option can be handy.

If you’re expecting more, it’s not there. Ctrl Alt Delete is free and doesn’t really use the Control Alt Delete keys.