Monday, January 28, 2013

Got A Messy Desktop On Your Mac? Try These 2 Ways To Clean It Up (one free, and one not)

You know the old saying, right? ‘A clean desk is a sign of a sick mind.’ The sick part probably emanating from the OCD gene that requires sterile organization. By that definition I’m the epitome of a normal person because my Mac’s Desktop is anything but clean. It’s where I work so it gets cluttered and can easily appear disorganized.

Isn’t it great that most people can’t see what’s on the Desktop? Compare that to what people may think of viewing your real desk at home or office.

A messy Desktop brings with it some opportunity for file loss, as well as lost productivity. From a few decades of experience I’ve found only two ways to handle the clean up and organization of the Mac’s Desktop.

One is to create a Desktop Files folder, and then dump all the Desktop’s files inside. Voila! A clean Desktop magically appears. Well, actually, it just disappeared, only to be hidden inside a folder. The mess merely got moved.

Or, grab one of a half dozen or so Mac apps which actually clean up and organize Desktop Files. One of the new ones, Folder Tidy, does just that.

Folder Tidy Rules

Setup a few rules for which files should go where. After that, just grab files and folders on the Desktop turn them into an organized file system.

Folder Tidy

If there’s anything complex about Folder Tidy it’s the rules. But you get to choose which files and folders to cleanup, where the files get moved, even watch them move to their new location with a little screen magic animation.

And, just in case you’re worried about where an app might put a file (moving from a location you know to another place), Folder Tidy has a handy undo function.

There’s a bit of discipline required to let go of the traditional ‘I know where all my files are; they’re on the Desktop‘ attitude, but once you do, you’ll be pleased at your new found organizational prowess.