Wednesday, January 30, 2013

2 New Ways To Add A Clock To Your Mac’s Dock (both cheap, one simple, one complex)

My Macs are not home to much eye candy these days. I tend to keep them lean and mean without much in the way of extraneous apps that don’t have a necessary function, or which simply replicate, albeit differently, something the Mac already does.

There are exceptions to my rule and here are two.

Time is important and for a few decades the Mac has had time and date in the right corner Menubar. What if you want and need a little more? Fortunately, there’s no shortage of plain and colorful timepieces for Mac users.

Dock Clock may be the fanciest you can find to display the time, day, and date in the Dock. Granted, it’s just the time and date but choosing from 20 different clock designs makes it an attractive and useful app.

Dock Clock

Click the Dock icon and day, date, and month increase in size. Clocks and date displays have an adjustable size, and there’s a calendar option available from the Menubar.

If eye candy isn’t your thing and you prefer a more utilitarian or spartan approach to Dock timekeeping, there’s the simple (and half the price of Dock Clock) DockTime app.


Other than a few different clock styles, there’s not much going on with DockTime. It’s the time, in the Dock. Move it around on the Dock so you always know where it is but don’t expect anything else like alarms, alerts, or even the date.


  1. Michael Salmon says

    I use the time and date option of iStat menu to put the time up on my menu bar. Not as much eye candy but very configurable. Much more practical as well as I hide my dock.