Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Yet Another Way To Drag And Drop Files On A Mac (drag, wait awhile, then drop)

Just when I thought I’ve seen it all, someone comes up with a new way to do what we’ve been doing on our Mac’s for decades. How can you improve upon drag an drop? We use that most basic of simple functions all the time on a Mac.

Dropshelf is the app that adds a new wrinkled to drag and drop. Drag a file to a sidebar shelf, let it sit there awhile, then drop it wherever you need it to go.

What? Crazy, right? Who needs the interim step of waiting? Amazingly, that little pop out shelf to hold a file can be useful.

Grab a file, drag it to the side of the Mac’s screen, and the Dropshelf shelf pops out. Drop the file there.


The reason the interim shelf step is valuable has to do with starting the drag and drop process, then trying to remember where to drop what we just dragged.

Dropshelf gives you a place to put the dragged file until you’re ready to drop it where you want it– Finder, inside an app, copied to another Mac. Whatever.


Dropshelf really doesn’t care much about what you drag to the shelf. Photos, images, text clippings, whatever. Drag to the side of the screen, the shelf pops out, drop whatever you just dragged.

Then, find where you want to drop what you dragged to Dropshelf. Then drag it from Dropshelf to the app or Finder.

Even old dogs like me can learn a new trick or two.