Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Try The Clever New Way To Lock The Screen, Secure Your Mac And Get Informed

How secure is your mac once you step away from the screen (restroom breaks, lunch, meetings, television)? For most of us the screensaver may come on. More cautious users may turn the Mac off, or secure it with a password and log out.

Add Lock Screen Pro to your Mac and make it easy to lock, improve security, and get informed in the process.

Here’s what a locked Lock Screen Pro screen looks like.

Lock Screen Pro

Note the calendar and weather conditions? The login also features a name and a photo.

Those are just a few of the information and security tricks in Lock Screen Pro. Not only can you personalize the lock screen, but you can add weather information, a battery meter for MacBooks, add a shade screen, and capture images of unauthorized intruders.

Lock Screen Pro

There’s an option to customize the lock diagram (think tic-tac-toe on your Mac), which also comes with animations and sounds. For movie watchers, there’s a built-in time delay so you can watch the movie until the end and not worry about the screen locking up.

To keep you informed there’s the weather, but also incoming email alerts. And, of course, you can customize the Desktop Wallpaper.

Lock Screen Pro is well done, features improved security with the image capture and lock sequence, and gives you a little useful information. It’s also a remarkably inexpensive app.