Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Least Expensive Way Ever To Create Business Work Orders On A Mac

In many businesses, the personal computer isn’t much more than an expensive and glorified typewriter. Sure, it can handle email, spreadsheets, and create documents, but all too often it’s a place to browse the web, stick Post-It Notes, and look busy.

Any small business can benefit from using a computer when the right app is available. As an example, there was once a small company which needed to create custom work orders for their business. It was so good they made the Create Work Orders app for Mac users. What does it do? It creates work orders, those time sensitive tasks that need to be assigned and tracked.

Create Work Orders

Click to create a new work order, fill out the form, assign to a worker, add project details, set the priority, and keep track of work that needs to be done, who’s doing it, and how much progress has been made.

If there’s a negative it’s that it’s not a networked app which can handle multiple users, and there’s little documentation, but a smaller business will appreciate the simple setup, easy entry, and low cost.

Low cost?

Create Work Orders is $2.99. That’s worth a try.