Monday, December 3, 2012

So, You Want To Put An Image Into A Mac Folder Icon? Plaster It In With Plaster

Quirky, but fun. That’s how I describe Plaster, the free Mac app which adds images to folder icons. Drag an image from the FInder to Plaster. Then, drag a folder that you want Plaster to add the image to, and, well, you’re done. The image is plastered into the folder as an icon.

It’s as simple to do as this. Open Plaster.


Drag an icon or folder onto Plaster.

Plaster With Photo

Then, drag the folder you want to use the photo (or any image or icon) onto Plaster.

Plastered Image

That’s it. You’re done. The image is transferred to the folder as the Folder’s icon.

Plaster has a few other tricks, too. Drag a folder with more than one image inside and Plaster will choose an image at random, but you still get to choose which one.

It’s an odd way to get an image into a folder’s icon, but it’s fast, works well, and it’s free.