Friday, December 28, 2012

Let’s Talk About One-Trick Pony Apps For Your Mac (the app that’s always on top)

My Mac life started back in the last century. Way back in the last century. If there’s one thing that still catches my hair on fire when using a Mac it’s all the windows. Back in the day we would typically open one or two apps at a time.

Today, Macs with plenty of RAM can open dozens of applications, all of which combine to create a cluttered screen, a chaotic window breeding system. Finding an app’s window in the mess isn’t that easy, either.

The Dock helps to find what’s running, but it always seems as though the app you want is hidden behind another app’s window. Not so with Always On Top. Rather, Always On Top Calculator. You already know what it does, right?

Always On Top Calculator

It’s a floating window calculator and it’s always on top so it’s easy to find even on a large screen with a dozen or so apps open and screaming for attention.

As a calculator, Always On Top isn’t all that. It’s simple to master and features memory registers that can be saved, even after you quit.

There’s also an Always On Top RPN Calculator if you love the always on top function, but need more calculator functionality. This one is based on one of the classic HP RPN calculators.

The advantage you get for your 99-cents makes it truly a one-trick pony app. It’s always on top, easy to find, quick to use. An option to make the calculator window bigger or smaller (still handy but not taking up so much screen) would be a good addition.