Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Less Is More, Small Is Beautiful, So Manage Your Expenses With A Petty Cash App

My father once taught me that to ‘a man who only knows how to use a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.’ He, of course, was the king of the crescent wrench, but always pointed out the need to have a tool that fits the job.

So it is with money management. Mac users can choose from dozens of apps to handle personal finances. Some are checkbook-like and just balance a checking or savings account.

Others are full-fledged money management applications which hand stock portfolios, or a small business. If all you need is a way to keep track of miscellaneous expenditures, then Quicken and iBank are overkill.

Petty Cash is not.

If your needs are simple then you’ll appreciate that there’s just not much to Petty Cash. In fact, Petty Cash looks much like a digital version of a petty cash payment pad.

Petty Cash

Keep track of all your petty cash transactions from the sidebar. Enter numbers and calculations are made automatically.

Petty Cash even prints out a transaction so there’s a paper trail, too.

Petty Cash Printing

Don’t mistake Petty Cash for Quicken or any Mac financial management app that handles multiple accounts. Petty Cash is simple, inexpensive, provides both a paper trail and a digital trail of petty cash transactions.

If less is more, and small is beautiful, then Petty Cash is the easiest of all ways to manage a little money.