Friday, December 21, 2012

How To Use Your Mac To Track Your Stock Market Losses From The Menubar

Got stocks? If you do then here’s a convenient way to use your Mac to track stocks, the stock market, and market news headlines right from the Mac’s Menubar. Just add Stock + Pro and prepare yourself for the added excitement of watching your portfolio decline before your eyes.

A scrolling ticker tape can be customized to view in the Menubar or on the Desktop (control width, speed, text color, even horizontal or vertical scrolling). The app window gives you a quick glance at multiple stocks, or click for specific stocks.

Stock + Pro

Quotes are available for stocks, indexes, funds, and commodities, and live quotes are available on a select number of exchanges.

Stock + Pro comes with rules and actions which let you receive an alert on various stock movements. And, of course, there’s some eye candy involved with multiple colored skins for the Desktop app.

Stock + Pro Red

As charts go, they’re accurate but not all that colorful, but the built-in market news feed is decent. The only issue I’ve had to date is the Menubar scrolling ticker which seems to behave according to a law of physics for which I’m not familiar.