Thursday, December 13, 2012

How Many Clicks Do You Have Left? Use DwellClick To Click And Save Your Fingers

Over the years how many steps can you climb, or how many bags of groceries can you carry before your tired old body is worn out? Conserve your strength so you’ll be stronger as you age, and let your Mac do the clicking for you.

DwellClick is an app that does the clicking of buttons on your Mac’s screen. Simply move the pointer to the button, hold it for a second or so, and it does the clicking.

Simply put, you point, it clicks.

DwellClick will click what you point to, but it does even more. There’s built-in audio and visual feedback of DwellClick’s actions. Not only does it click, it will click and grab windows and resize. And, it can click a folder and drag it wherever you need it to go.

There’s a clever little pop up panel right above the screen pointer so you can choose double click, drag and Control click, and so on. There’s even a keyboard hotkey to make the pointer click without leaving the keyboard.

Once you get used to letting your Mac do all the work, you’ll notice that you’re saving your fingers and wrists, and working toward avoiding repetitive stress injuries to your hands.

DwellClick is elegant, smooth, and works so well it integrates into your work flow with ease. As utility apps go, this one is a tad pricey, but as soon as you use it you’ll wonder why Apple doesn’t build something like this into OS X.