Monday, December 17, 2012

For Mac Rockers, The 2012 Pinball App Of The Year Is All AC/DC And Rock ‘n Roll

Color me somewhat antiquated, but Mac isn’t loaded up with many games. For me, games are iPhone and iPad, despite the Mac’s larger screen. The trend toward mobile games doesn’t deter me from trying out a few games, and my latest find gets my 2012 Pinball App Of The Year (my Mac has six pinball apps).

For Mac users who lean to rock ‘n roll, blasts from the past, and the occasional high energy game, feast your eyes and ears on AC/DV Pinball Rocks HD.

AC/DC Pinball Rocks

This is visual rock ‘n roll captured in a pinball game which works multi-ball, horizontal or vertical, a 3D perspective, and multiple camera angles.

AC/DC Pinball Rocks 3D

This isn’t just a Mac pinball game with colorful rocker graphics. AC/DC Pinball Rocks also features AC/DC music, an original voice over from AC/DC vocalist Brian Johnson.

And, among a few other things, that’s what’s missing in an otherwise worthy game for pinball heads and AC/DC fans. More music. A few great songs are not enough for a game that can last an hour. Also, the bumpers are small. And, it could use a few more inside play field objectives.

Other than that, it’s great fun, at an attractive price (considering that some Mac games cost 10-times AC/DC Pinball Rocks.