Friday, December 7, 2012

An Easier And Free Way To Take Notes On Your Mac (the secret is in the Mac’s menubar)

There seem to be only two ways to take notes on the Mac. One is with a dedicated notes-taking app, which vary in price as much as in features. The other is to use Stickies, Pages, Word, TextEdit, or whatever other app is convenient and hope to keep all the notes organized.

My preference is the former over the latter, and I’ve become accustomed to using Evernote because the same notes show up on Mac, iPhone, and iPad and wherever I go.

For Mac users not interested in Evernote or syncing notes up between devices, free is good and developer Benjamin Chan has figured out an easier, more convenient way with Noteworthy+.

Think of it as a simple notes app that lives in the Menubar. Click, and here’s what you get.


The notes window pops down to reveal all your notes. Type or paste in what you want, and click to close Noteworthy+.

Features are more like a mini word processor, too. Search for notes, change fonts and colors, create multiple notebooks for different subjects, and do it all from the pop down notes window.


What makes Noteworthy+ noteworthy? It’s elegantly designed and works well to both add notes and managed notes with little effort. And, it’s developed by a high school student.

Noteworthy+ is missing a few basics, though. It needs some kind of option to sync notes, either with Evernote, or with an iPhone and iPad version, so notes can go wherever you go.