Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Quick One-Click Way To Manage Disks, CDs, DVDs From The Mac’s Menubar

How do you check on disks, CDs, DVDs, or connected storage volumes on your Mac? The old fashioned way is to use the Finder. Check the sidebar to see what’s connected to the Mac. There’s an easier way it requires nothing more than a click to the Menubar.

Add Mountain to your Mac to manage connected storage without using the Finder. Click to see what’s connected. Click any connected device to eject or unmount.


An ejected volume will spin down to be unplugged or reactivated in Mountain without having to remove the device and plug it back in (that alone is worth the nominal price of admission).

Mountain will also notify you when a connected volume is available, and when an ejected volume can be unplugged. Click the notification and the volume is opened in the Finder.

As useful as this utility is, it could use a few additional options. A keyboard shortcut to open the Menubar menu would save a mouse or trackpad click. It would also be great if there was an option to control which volumes are displayed when the Mac starts up.

It’s well done, though, with plenty of opportunity for improvement and low priced, too.