Tuesday, November 20, 2012

This App Is The Fastest Way To Move Files From Your Mac To Anywhere Else On The Planet

What we know of the public internet is a laundry list of different protocols. There’s HTTP for web browsing. HTTPS and SSH for secure remote access. AFP to connect a Mac to another Mac. FTP and SFTP for secure file transfer to and from personal computers. And much more.

Any Mac or PC user who’s required to move files from one computer to another is familiar with FTP and SFTP; the web’s basic file transfer protocol. For users who want to move files to or from the Mac speed and feature list are primary requirements. For me, through the years, Yummy FTP has been the fastest FTP app.

Yummy FTP handles FTP, FTPS, SFTP connections, but the claim to fame it speed. The app uses the traditional left pane, right pane to make file transfers a simple drag and drop from your Mac to a remote computer.

Yummy FTP Dual Pane

For those us Mac users who use FTP every day, we have a list of must have functions. Speed is high on the list. So is scheduling.

Yummy FTP also limits bandwidth during a transfer, displays files in both dual pane or single pane mode, and can sync a local directory with a remote directory.

Yummy FTP Files

Files can easily be added to an exclude list from the drop down menu. There’s a built-in text editor for remote and local file editing (or, assign a specific text editor). Yummy FTP is built somewhat like the Mac’s Finder and has both outline and column list views.

The Toolbar can be customized to give quick access to buttons for sync, edit, transfer, disconnect, refresh, and much more. And, of course, there’s the built-in bookmark manager which makes quick work of connections. One click.

Notifications are handled in Growl (which also routes notifications to Notification Center in OS X Mountain Lion) so Yummy FTP can operate in the background and notify you when a task is complete.

The interface is less intuitive and visually pleasing than Transmit, one of my favorite FTP apps. It’s also missing an option to connect to Amazon’s S3 service, which is used for storage.

Overall, Yummy FTP is very good. Maybe not the best or the most feature laden, but the speed of file transfers is among the best.