Friday, November 23, 2012

The Perfect Mac App For Trigger Happy Audiophiles (it’s a digital radio station cart machine)

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away, I had a career in broadcasting. That was back in the day long before Garageband, long before the Mac because a digital audio and video recording powerhouse.

The era was full of giant tape machines, tape editing blocks (with a razor), and modern stations had good microphones and a cart deck. Cart deck? Commercials, promos, music, sound clips were recorded on a tape cartridge, then played on a giant cartridge deck (usually with multiple cartridges). Press the button, the sound played.

Relive those analog days with the digital Soundboard app on your Mac. It’s more or less what I described above but an app that runs on OS X.


Click a sound on the tabbed interface and the sound plays. Instantly. Add more sounds by adding tabs. Use keyboard shortcuts to insert sounds, or control Soundboard on your Mac from an iPad with the Soundboard Remote app.

Adding sounds is simple. Drag and drop. Apply filters or effects. Change the sound file’s name on the Soundboard interface.

Soundboard is smart enough to be used in other Mac audio apps, including Garageband. Select Soundboard as an audio source, and whatever plays in Soundboard gets recorded in Garageband.

There are plenty of useful options, too. Click to play. Or, click and hold, and the sound continues to play. This is a good way to drop in sound effects, music clips, and background audio to any live session.

Soundboard is a bit like the old days, but with more options, capability, and power than any cartridge from yesteryear.