Wednesday, November 21, 2012

One Of The Top 10 Utility Apps Every Mac Power User Needs To Navigate Files And Folders

When it comes to Top 10 Lists, David Letterman remains the king. Anyone can create a list of top this or top that, but when it comes to crucial Mac apps for power users, 10 is just not enough.

My top 10 list is completely fluid and the contents probably depend on how I feel at the moment. Every Mac I use each day has a handful of additional utilities which are must-haves, and that includes Default Folder X.

At the very basic level, Default Folder surrounds open pop up dialog boxes with a menu of additional Finder-like tools. When you click an Open or Save menu, here’s what you get.

Default Folder

From the dialog box you can navigate to files and folders, Finder-like, without leaving the pop up window. That gives you enormous time savings.

Default Folder’s menu tools let you navigate, Get Info, change file names, delete files, preview, change labels, and search. Again, without leaving the pop up window.

One of the most useful features is Default Folder’s original premise. It finds the folder you use the most in a particular app and opens that first. Each app can have a different default folder.

The sidebar tool bar has a Utility menu, the Mac menu, a Favorites menu, a Recent Items menu, and the Finder menu. Navigate anywhere on the Mac without leaving the window.

If you find yourself opening the Open and Close dialog box, only to have to close it down while you go back to navigate, or change a file name, or preview a file, then Default Folder is worth a look because it integrates all those functions within the pop up dialog box.

I’ve used Default Folder since the last century and it goes on every new Mac as part of my extended top 10 list (which probably has 30 or 40 items).