Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Is There An App That Every Mac Using Photographer Needs To Enhance Their Photos?

Have camera, will take photos. The digital age of photography has spawned a disturbing trend. Too many photos. iPhoto collects, stores, and even organizes photos, but it’s very short on ways to enhance your photographic creations.

Every Mac using photographer from yesteryear had a camera bag of add on goodies. Tripod. Lens cleaner. Extra lenses. Batteries. Film.

Today’s Mac photographer may need a single CameraBag. In this case, CameraBag the app. Think of it as a point and click way to achieve near-Photoshop enhancements and filters on your photos. Without the Photoshop expense.

Over 100 built-in styles, filters, and effects are a click away from being applied to a photo.


The real trick to using CameraBag is in mastering the tools. Over two dozen tools combined with the filters, styles, and effects give you almost unlimited enhancement options, most of which are delivered to your Mac’s screen in real time.

Tool tabs across the right sidebar give you onscreen access to controls.

CameraBag Tools

Settings can be adjusted and saved used on photos again and again as a fully adjustable photo filter. All adjustments are non-destructive so you don’t have to worry about damaging the original photo.

CameraBag is well done and worth more than a dozen 99-cent one-trick pony photo apps. You’ll love using the Remix slider bar. There’s nothing quite like it on less expensive apps.

What CameraBag could use are color profile exports so what you create in the app displays the same way in other photo apps. It also needs a Save As… function so photos can be placed where you want, rather than having to hunt to find where CameraBag puts them.

And, of course, having some kind of integration with photos in iPhoto or Aperture would be a big plus. Otherwise, CameraBag is well done and highly prized.