Monday, November 26, 2012

How To Get Back And Backup Some Of What You Give To Google To Store In The Cloud

Google has a give and take relationship with most of us. They give us free apps to use to manage our email, calendar, documents, and web site bookmarks, and we give them access to all of our information. To Google, we’re not their customer. We’re their product.

If you’ve grown tired of being a product and worry that Google’s claws have sunk deep into your personal information, here’s how to get some of it back, or, at least keep it backed up on your Mac instead of the cloud.

Add the CloudPull app to your Mac and seamlessly back up your Google accounts and files to your Mac.

Want all of your Gmail email messages stored on your Mac inside Apple’s Mail app? CloudPull can do.

CloudPull Gmail

CloudPull imports Gmail into Mail. Google contacts can be imported into Contacts on your Mac. The same holds true for calendar items. They get imported into Calendar.

Google Reader bookmarks can be imported and stored in NetNewsWire (a free RSS reader). Documents from Google Drive can be backed up and opened in Microsoft Office apps, or iWork apps.

This may be the easiest and fastest way to ensure you have a backup of all the files you give to Google to store in the cloud.

Between you and me, I have an official bout of Google fatigue. Google makes money by gathering information from me, while giving me free access to storage and online applications.

It’s not quite a fair and equal relationship, so it’s good to have a backup which brings a little more control back to you and the Mac.