Friday, May 4, 2012

Can The TuneupMyMac App Make Your Mac Run Faster?

Are there apps that make your Mac run better? Color me skeptical, but a few dozen Macs and nearly three decades of Mac experience tell me that an app can’t do much to improve your Mac’s performance.

Yet, that’s what TuneupMyMac claims to do for $39.95.

What do you get for your hard earned cash? A clean Mac with a single click. What does that even mean? Clean what? Your Mac already has built-in routines to clean cache files, and plenty of free apps already do that.

TuneupMyMac promises to free up space on your Mac’s hard disk drive. That’s not exactly a difficult task, and, again, many free Mac apps do exactly the same thing.

TuneupMyMac claims to speed up your Mac by removing junk files. What junk files? Amazingly, my Mac ran the same after TuneupMyMac as it did before.

It also deletes sensitive and confidential data securely. Again, half a dozen free Mac apps do that, too.

TuneupMyMac features a number of modules which do plenty of what those aforementioned free Mac apps do. For example, the System Cleaner removes system cache files, browser history, and cookies.

The Logs Cleaner disposes of system and user log files (that may save disk space, but it’s not much). The App Cleaner supposedly scans and removes parts of apps you may not need.

The Unused Languages function deletes language files on your Mac, thereby claiming additional disk space. Those files have no bearing on your Mac’s performance. And, again, other Mac apps do the same thing for free.

The Shredder module permanently deletes secret files and folders to make them unrecoverable. Go to the Mac’s Finder, click the Apple icon menu in the Menubar, and select Secure Empty Trash. Same thing.

The Duplicates Finder scans your Mac’s hard disk drive, catalogs files by name and size, and lets you remove the duplicates. iPhoto has plenty of duplicate or near duplicate photos. Other than that, there are few duplicate files that can save much disk space.

The Uninstaller module claims to remove apps, preference panes, and even Dashboard Widgets– safely and completely. Uh, no it doesn’t. Many Mac apps scatter support files and preferences all over the Mac. Unless an app is watching other apps to see where they put those files, the Uninstaller won’t know where to look. Use CleanApp instead.

This is exactly the kind of Mac app that preys on the unsuspecting Mac user (usually a switcher from Windows PCs, where fear runs amok). If you are still worried about your Mac, check out Free: Best Apps To Manage Mac System Maintenance and save yourself some money.


  1. Alex_24 says

    TuneupMyMac App works fine @ my Mac Book…
    it provides several tools that will delete cache files and logs, slim universal binaries, remove unnecessary languages and more.


  2. Bailey says

    This is a total and complete rip-off. Anyone who paid $40 for this should be ashamed. ALL of the functions are available on Mac apps that are free (and those that are not are much cheaper). The target customer is those naive Windows to Mac switchers who feel the need or fear they have to use such apps. Mostly you don’t even need them. Even if you want some of the features there are a dozen popular Mac apps that are free that do the same thing.