Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Customize your Mac with CandyBar’s eye candy

Yes, Leopard is beautiful. Yes, your Leopard looks just like everyone else’s Leopard. Is there a way to customize your Mac beyond screensaver and desktop photos? How about some eye candy from CandyBar?

Eye Candy?

Frankly, there isn’t much we can do to customize our Macs, make them in our image. I add items to my Finder’s Toobar.

Maybe Apple intended it to be that way. But is that the way God intended? Or, is there a difference? Here comes iCandy in CandyBar.


CandyBar is the ultimate Mac customization utility. Change all those drab looking Mac OS X icons into something colorful, classy, or gaudy.

Drag & Drop

CandyBar features drag and drop simplicity and a range of custom icons and Docks to make you Mac look better than anyone else.

In one swell foop you can select a cool icon set, then click to change all the basic icons in Mac OS X Leopard using CandyBar’s built-in iContainers.


Custom Collecting

Adding new icons and Docks to your Mac is as easy as taking candy from a baby. It’s an exercise in addiction. Once you collect a few icon sets, you’ll want more.

Not only is collecting easy, installing and using icons and docks, either as sets, or mixing and matching, is drag and drop and click. With no worries.


Easy as Candy

Download CandyBar from the Panic web site. Double-click to install. Then, head to the iconfactory web site to download any of a bunch of iContainers.

These little containers contain the custom icons and docks for CandyBar to swap out on your Mac. It’s about the most fun a Leopard user can have to rid yourself of the dreary, drab interface of OS X.