Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Another crazy point update to the most recent update of the last update of the popular and frequently updated Mozilla browser. Slimmed and trip with very fast page rendering. Worthy competitor to MSIE on Windows and Safari on the Mac, not as fast as Google Chrome or Safari, more add ons than corrupt government politicians … Read More »


Yet another expensive update of one of the best password managers for Mac, iPhone, iPad users. Works with all major Mac browsers; uses OS X’s keychain or a 1Password keychain and Dropbox sync. Easy to use, handles multiple login ID’s and passwords with ease. Upgrading comes with a price tag. Again. Have you ever forgotten … Read More »


Remarkably useful and elegant personal information manager. Stores and retrieves almost anything; email, snippets, URLs, photos, images, documents, files, whatever. Simple design, highly flexible organization. EagleFiler makes managing your information easy. It lets you archive and search mail, Web pages, PDF files, word processing documents, images, and more. Use it to collect information from a … Read More »

Monday, January 26, 2015

A Simple, Easy Way To Manage Split Screens On Your Mac

While I can be an effective Mac road warrior with a MacBook or even using an iPad with a keyboard, most of my day-to-day work is done on a honkin’ fast 27-inch iMac with Retina 5k display. There’s just no substitute for large amounts of 14.7-million pixels of high resolution screen real estate. One of … Read More »

Friday, January 23, 2015

What You Get When A Mac App Does More Than The App’s Name Implies

Naming schemes for applications and products have always intrigued me. Apple. Macintosh. Not descriptive, but memorable. Microsoft Word is obvious. So is Pages and Numbers, but Keynote not quite so much. Safari? Surfs the web. Mail? Obvious. So are Contacts, Calendar, Messages, Notes, Maps, and Reminders. iTunes is way off base but started on the … Read More »

Carbon Copy Cloner

Carbon Copy Cloner once was the best hard disk drive backup utility for Mac users on a budget. The latest version has a new interface but still comes with a trial period and a price tag. Cloning is a must-have utility if your Mac’s data is important. CCC makes it easy to clone your Mac’s … Read More »

Boinx Fotomagico

The Mac slide show application for the 21st century. Storyboard your image shows with text, transitions, audio video tracks, and animations. Excellent, intuitive user controls for professional level results. I use it for quick video production. Boinx FotoMagico lets you create professional slideshows from your photos and music with just a few, simple mouse clicks. … Read More »


The latest Pro and standard versions of the premier diagramming and design application for the Mac. Many tools to create and modify diagrams, export to different formats. Pro version has Vizio support. OmniGraffle Pro helps you draw beautiful diagrams, family trees, flow charts, org charts, layouts, and (mathematically speaking) any other directed or non-directed graphs, … Read More »

Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Better Finder Rename

Poor name, weak official description of an indispensable Mac utility. One of our ‘must haves’ for years. Elegant solution to renaming multiple files. Lots of multiple files. Many features. Needs to rename itself. A Better Finder Rename allows users to quickly rename multiple files. This powerful, yet easy-to-use utility transforms the often tedious and time-consuming … Read More »

Freeway Pro and Freeway Express

Major update to very popular web site creation applications loaded with tools. Creates XHTML and CSS using a page layout system (Pro). With Freeway, you can quickly and effortlessly lay out your website, embed images and content, then publish your work as clean, standards-compliant HTML, and upload to your server, to .Mac, or to a … Read More »

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

How To Restore Specific Browser Tab Sessions In Safari Automatically And Free

How many ways can you restore a browser tab session in Safari? That’s a question you have to think about for a moment. Let’s say you’ve opened up five or six browser tabs on sites you visit regularly. And, you’d like to view those sites every day or two. Safari’s bookmarks do the deed. So … Read More »

Path Finder

Powerful, feature laden Finder replacement for Mac power users. If you like to customize Finder features, Path Finder is your heaven. Mostly stable, very fast, with so many features your eyes will hurt. Want to move sidebar items such as the Shelf, Volumes list, or Preview pane to any location in the file browser window? … Read More »

Monday, January 19, 2015

Get Automatic Folder And File Sync On Your Mac

One of the best things you can do for yourself and your Mac is to have a good backup system. Time Machine is not enough. Neither is a clone backup. Online backups are tedious to get started initially, but good for a solution to a catastrophic problem with your Mac (flood, fire, theft, tornado, etc.). … Read More »

iPhoto Library Manager

Yes, you can create and manage multiple iPhoto libraries by holding the Option key and starting iPhoto, but iPhoto Library Manager is waaaay cooler. Multiple libraries, quick view, sharing, sync with iPod, copy photos between libraries, split libraries, merge libraries. iPhoto Library Manager adds an additional level of control over your iPhoto collection by allowing … Read More »

Friday, January 16, 2015

How To Put Mac App Windows Where They Belong

Every Mac user with power user inclinations has the same problem. The Mac’s screen real estate can get clogged up with too many apps and their windows. From big screen iMacs to MacBook Pro models with Retina display, there are just not enough pixels on a screen to handle the app window clutter for those … Read More »

Adobe Flash Player

The latest in a string of regular updates of the web’s most popular animation and video player. Lots of new Flash capability to hog your CPU and slow down Safari, Firefox, et al. The latest line is a major improvement, though. Not one crash in weeks but Safari and Firefox still slow to a crawl … Read More »


Latest version of open source (free) FTP utility by David Kocher. Not as fast as Yummy or as simple as Transmit but worthy and priced right. FTP, SFTP, WebDAV and Amazon S3 browser… with an easy to use interface, integration with external editors and support for many Mac OS X system technologies such as Spotlight, … Read More »

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Better Way To Watch YouTube Videos On A Mac

Maybe the world doesn’t really need yet another YouTube video player but here’s one that makes the viewing process a bit more palatable and useful. It’s called TubeG for YouTube and it does for video watching what you’d like– moves the video from the browser window to a separate window on the Mac. Most Mac … Read More »

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Another update to the popular image editing utility. It take your digital photos, stuffs them into attractive templates, prints through the iPhoto Kodak photo print service. Like iPhoto’s print services but with more options and a price tag. Posterino creates stunning life-posters, photo frames, and postcards… choose a template, an iPhoto album and hit a … Read More »


Another update to the best value for web site or CD photo album creation. Clumsy Java interface, but point and click simplicity, loaded with options. Many different and sometimes attractive ‘skins’ available. Not so free anymore. Make website albums of your digital photographs. With JAlbum, no extra software is needed to view the albums, just … Read More »