Monday, April 27, 2015

‘May The Mac Force Touch Be With You’

Almost quietly Apple has started another computer revolution. Buried under the weight of Apple Watch and the new multi-colored MacBook models, is a device masquerading as a trackpad but which may set the wheels of change into motion for future mobile devices. This new revolution is called Force Touch. It’s Apple’s new MacBook trackpad (also … Read More »

Friday, April 24, 2015

Get The iPhone And iPad Charging Chime Sound On Your Mac Notebook

Through the years Apple has provided thoughtful details for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. For example, the nifty amber light on the Mag-Safe power connector (not to mention the magnetic connector itself) tells you a Mac notebook is charging, which turns green when the notebook is fully charged. Nice right? Is there a similar touch with … Read More »

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Tools To Manage Your Mac’s App Windows

One of the upside benefits of the high resolution Retina displays in today’s modern Macs is all that wide screen real estate. That means each Mac is capable of running multiple applications all at the same time, with many visible on the screen at the same time. The downside is what I’ll refer to a … Read More »


Most popular television watching and recording software (requires EyeTV hardware) for the Mac. Try the iPhone version for a total gee whiz experience. Watch, pause, fast-forward and rewind live television on your Mac… record hours of television on your Mac, create subscriptions to TV series and topics of your choice, manage saved episodes, and organize … Read More »


Tyler Hall’s great utility to host multiple web sites on a Mac. If you design for the web and use MAMP, use VirtualHostX. Indispensable, though not as comprehensive as MAMP (free) or MAMP Pro. The perfect solution for web designers working on more than one project at a time… With VirtualHostX you can easily create … Read More »

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

PDFKey Pro

Handy PDF utility recovers lost passwords, unlocks PDFs, locks PDFs, protects PDF documents from unauthorized access, printing. PDFKey Pro lets you protect your PDFs in a blink. You can set a password to view the file and a password to restrict printing and copy&pasting of your PDFs. The files created by PDFKey Pro will be … Read More »


The perfect gift for the truly obsessive compulsive Mac user. Hazel handles every Mac file and folder organization task, automatically. Files, cleans, empties trash, remembers rules (you create them), keeps files and folders tidy. Clever but geeky. Hazel is your personal housekeeper, organizing and cleaning folders based on rules you define. Hazel can also manage … Read More »

Monday, April 20, 2015

The Most Elegant, Useful Task Timer Ever For Mac Users On A Budget

Those in business and sports know well the adage, “Performance measured is performance improved.” That’s why companies track sales, customers, and employees for performance. Ditto for those in sports. How about you? By tracking the time you devote to tasks each day you can improve productivity and efficiency. You just need the right tool– one … Read More »


Major update of the superb web page, web site building application. RapidWeaver builds sites and web pages using point and click themes and add-on utilities. A next-generation web design application to help you easily create professional looking web sites in minutes. No knowledge of complex code is required, RapidWeaver will take care of all that … Read More »

Friday, April 17, 2015

Turn Your Mac Into An Air Traffic Radar Monitor

A year or two ago I found an app for my iPhone which tracks air traffic radar from airports around the world. It’s called Flightradar24 and now there’s a version for the Mac. What this clever app does is nothing short of remarkable. You’ll see images of planes moving into and out of airports in … Read More »


The latest update to the remarkably attractive, useful, and very capable task manager with expanded project management capability. Reduces complex project and task management to a simple, enjoyable process. Highly recommended. Syncs with iPhone version and now to the cloud Things is a delightful and easy to use task manager. You’ll get started in no … Read More »


This is not your father’s outliner. It’s more of an organizational tool. Outlines? Yes. It also collects and organizes data, manages tasks, tracks expenses, plans events, even handles multiple columns. And, there’s an OmniOutliner iPad version. Use OmniOutliner’s document structure to create hierarchies of main headings and subpoints that can be expanded and collapsed, which … Read More »


Another update to the popular general purpose maintenance utility. Checks disks, runs system maintenance, clears caches, optimizes network, clears logs, keeps things tidy under the hood. A scrumptious mix of maintenance tools and interface tweaks, all accessible via a comprehensive graphical interface. Most of Cocktail’s major features are arranged in five basic categories. In addition, … Read More »

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

How To Kill The Shadows On Mac App Windows

A Mac-using friend was lamenting the state of OS X to me last week. “What’s not to like about OS X Yosemite,” I asked. Free is good, right? To him the problem was the disparity between iOS on his iPhone and iPad, and OS X Yosemite (and previous versions) on the Mac. iPhone and iPad … Read More »

iPhoto Library Manager

Yes, you can create and manage multiple iPhoto libraries by holding the Option key and starting iPhoto, but iPhoto Library Manager is waaaay cooler. Multiple libraries, quick view, sharing, sync with iPod, copy photos between libraries, split libraries, merge libraries. iPhoto Library Manager adds an additional level of control over your iPhoto collection by allowing … Read More »


Major update for the popular Microsoft Office for the rest of us. If you must have an office suite on your Mac and cannot afford Microsoft’s Office or Apple’s iWork, this is the one to get. Big, kinda klunky, often compatible, somewhat slow, very loaded with features, not quite free, but effective competition for Office … Read More »

Monday, April 13, 2015

An Affordable Way To Manage And Create Secure Passwords On A Mac

Passwords have become all the rage among users and app developers these days. With online hackers seemingly able to hack their way into any computer system anywhere at almost any time, it’s not wonder we’ve become a bit paranoid about managing and creating secure passwords. Some of the utilities that do just that are packed … Read More »

Friday, April 10, 2015

Desktop Ghost Gives Your Mac Out of Sight, Out of Mind Security (and a clean Desktop)

A cluttered desk is a cluttered mind. Ditto for Macs with cluttered Desktops. How do you clean a cluttered Desktop, packed with icons of files, folders, photos, documents, and everything you collect during the course of the day? Cheat. One way is make a new folder and then drag and drop all the Desktop files … Read More »

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

How To Encrypt And Secure Those Valuable Or Incriminating Files On A Mac

Encrypting files to secure them from government spooks, hackers, or anyone else who thinks something of yours should belong to them is easy. Turn on File Vault in the Mac’s System Preferences (under Security & Privacy), wait a day or so for the files to encrypt and everything is secured by a very important password. … Read More »

Monday, April 6, 2015

If Less Is More And Small Is Beautiful Then What Makes This Mac Notes App Great

Make no mistake about 21st century computer products. These are complex, complicated beasts that boast fast processors, high resolution screens, and ever more complicated interfaces. That makes it especially enjoyable when I run into a Mac app (that also works on iPhone and iPad) that brings back a certain level of simplicity and usability that … Read More »