Thursday, October 23, 2014

Art Text

The best text manipulation tool for Mac users. Think of it as TypeStyler for the 21st century. Point and click simplicity creates stuffing graphic designs from text and simple elements. A must-have for designers. Create high quality headings, web site graphics, buttons, logos and icons. Multi layer support turns Art Text into flexible tool to … Read More »


Another update to the best value for web site or CD photo album creation. Clumsy Java interface, but point and click simplicity, loaded with options. Many different and sometimes attractive ‘skins’ available. Not so free anymore. Make website albums of your digital photographs. With JAlbum, no extra software is needed to view the albums, just … Read More »

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

How To Have Fun On Your Mac With Automated Folder Watching

Every bona fide, card carrying, certified Mac geek has more than one utility app that does the same thing as another. For example, I love Panic’s Transmit file transfer app, but also use similar apps from Yummy. One utility from the latter developer that I particularly like has the clever name Automated Folder-Watching FTP. The … Read More »

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Yummy FTP

Perhaps the fastest FTP utility on the Mac. Intuitive, two panel browser interface, utilizes Quick Look, compares before sync. Nearly as easy to use as Transmit, notably faster to upload, download files. Yummy FTP is an FTP, FTP SSL/TLS, and SFTP client, very fast, very flexible and completely reliable file transfer utility for Mac OS … Read More »


Major update of the superb web page, web site building application. RapidWeaver builds sites and web pages using point and click themes and add-on utilities. A next-generation web design application to help you easily create professional looking web sites in minutes. No knowledge of complex code is required, RapidWeaver will take care of all that … Read More »

Monday, October 20, 2014

Remember ‘Read It Later?’ It’s Now A Digital Pocket; Mac, iPhone, iPad

Today’s digital and internet connected society isn’t much different from society of 50 years ago. Except we spend far more money to be informed, to be connected, to be entertained. Think about it. 50 years ago each city had a handful of radio stations, a few TV stations, and news, information, and entertainment came in … Read More »


The perfect gift for the truly obsessive compulsive Mac user. Hazel handles every Mac file and folder organization task, automatically. Files, cleans, empties trash, remembers rules (you create them), keeps files and folders tidy. Clever but geeky. Hazel is your personal housekeeper, organizing and cleaning folders based on rules you define. Hazel can also manage … Read More »

Friday, October 17, 2014

The Trials, Tribulations, And Solutions Of Switching The Mac’s Screen Resolutions

One of the benefits of owning an iMac is all the screen real estate. I cut my computing teeth on the Osborn 1’s teeny tiny black and white screen, so I tend to gravitate toward more screen wherever possible. Mac users– whether MacBook Pro with Retina display, or iMac (including the new Retina 5k display … Read More »

Carbon Copy Cloner

Carbon Copy Cloner once was the best hard disk drive backup utility for Mac users on a budget. The latest version has a new interface but still comes with a trial period and a price tag. Cloning is a must-have utility if your Mac’s data is important. CCC makes it easy to clone your Mac’s … Read More »

Little Snitch

The new Little Snitch is loaded with additional features including a built-in firewall. If you’re concerned about Mac security, Little Snitch does what your Mac’s firewall cannot. It protects and alerts you whenever a Mac application tries to communicate from your Mac to wherever. You would be surprised to know how many Mac apps and … Read More »


The latest update to the remarkably attractive, useful, and very capable task manager with expanded project management capability. Reduces complex project and task management to a simple, enjoyable process. Highly recommended. Syncs with iPhone version and now to the cloud Things is a delightful and easy to use task manager. You’ll get started in no … Read More »


Best Mac spam filter gets better with age. Incredibly accurate, easily trained, integrates with Apple’s Mail, Microsoft’s Entourage, and Address Book. If email spam bothers you, get SpamSieve. SpamSieve gives you back your inbox by bringing powerful Bayesian spam filtering to Mac e-mail clients. It’s quick and easy to control SpamSieve from within your mail … Read More »


Yet another expensive update of one of the best password managers for Mac, iPhone, iPad users. Works with all major Mac browsers; uses OS X’s keychain or a 1Password keychain and Dropbox sync. Easy to use, handles multiple login ID’s and passwords with ease. Upgrading comes with a price tag. Again. Have you ever forgotten … Read More »

iStat Menus

Handy Menubar utility which monitors your Mac. Easy to read, unobtrusive, elegant, useful. My recent review of iStat Menus on McSolo. Now with a price tag, more features, more eye candy. iStat Menus lets you monitor your system right from the menubar. Included are 8 menu extras that let you monitor every aspect of your … Read More »


Our favorite information manager. Highly intuitive and easier to use than Yojimbo. Love the shelf. Organize files however you like. Holds almost everything. Now with auto tagging, nested groups, editing. Together lets you keep everything in one place. Text, documents, images, movies, sounds, web pages and bookmarks can all be dragged to Together for safe … Read More »

Thursday, October 16, 2014


If you like calculators, you’ll like PCalc. It’s everything that Mac OS X’s calculator is not. Uses Handoff on OS X 10.10 Yosemite to send calculations from Mac to iPhone or iPad. A fully featured scientific calculator with support for hexadecimal, octal and binary calculations, as well as an RPN mode, parentheses, programmable functions, and … Read More »

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

You Absolutely, Positively Do Not Need This Free Mac Utility, But It’s Still Cool

If necessity is the mother of invention, what does that say about inventions that are not really needed? That’s Volume Scroll, a Mac utility I tried out recently. What it does is change the Mac’s sound volume but it does so without having to click on the Sound icon in the Mac’s Menubar. Wait. What? … Read More »


Another crazy point update to the most recent update of the last update of the popular and frequently updated Mozilla browser. Slimmed and trip with very fast page rendering. Worthy competitor to MSIE on Windows and Safari on the Mac, not as fast as Google Chrome or Safari, more add ons than corrupt government politicians … Read More »

Alarm Clock Pro

Not just another alarm clock. More of an alarm clock system that does a little of everything whenever you want. Sends text messages and email, plays iTunes music, and does about 127 other things. Speak or display favorite inspirational quotes randomly throughout the day, or even send them as text messages to your cell phone! … Read More »


Major update for the popular Microsoft Office for the rest of us. If you must have an office suite on your Mac and cannot afford Microsoft’s Office or Apple’s iWork, this is the one to get. Big, kinda klunky, often compatible, somewhat slow, very loaded with features, not quite free, but effective competition for Office … Read More »